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The Best Inline Comments Plugin For Your TinyMCE


$139Per Month Billed Annually

Up to 1000 Active Users per Month

  • 5 Support Requests per month
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$83Per Month Billed Annually
  • Up to 500 Active Users per Month
  • 3 Support Requests per Month
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$28Per Month Billed Annually
  • Up to 100 Active Users per Month
  • 1 Support Request per Month
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  • More than 1000 Active Users per Month
  • More than 5 Support Requests per Month
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Enhance your editing experience with the TinyMCE Inline Comments plugin. This plugin seamlessly integrates comments directly within your text, mirroring the functionality in platforms like Google Docs and Microsoft Word. With Inline Comments, you can:

  • Attach Comments to Specific Text: Pinpoint exact locations in your text to add comments, facilitating precise feedback and discussion.
  • Streamline Collaboration: Enhance communication among team members by making it easy to review and respond to comments without leaving the editor.

Elevate your document editing process with the Inline Comments plugin, making collaboration more efficient and effective.


  • Comments can be placed anywhere in the text
  • Comment markers can be freely dragged
  • Comments are arranged in conversation threads
  • Comments management operations: reply, edit, delete
  • Comments include name, avatar and timestamp
  • Comments can be filtered by id of the commentator


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Yes, our plugins run on the client side without any server-side communication, making them a perfect match for on-premise applications. Please contact us for the pricing model for on-premise applications.

Yes, our plugins play seamlessly with Angular and React. We provide complete demo code supporting these frameworks.