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The Best (And Only) Track Changes Plugin For Your Froala


$208Per Month Billed Annually
  • Up to 1000 Active Users per Month
  • 5 Support Requests per month
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$125Per Month Billed Annually
  • Up to 500 Active Users per Month
  • 3 Support Requests per Month
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$42Per Month Billed Annually
  • Up to 100 Active Users per Month
  • 1 Support Request per Month
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  • More than 1000 Active Users per Month
  • More than 5 Support Requests per Month?
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Froala Track Changes is a powerful tool designed to monitor and record modifications made to a document, whether made by you or other collaborators. This feature is invaluable in both traditional documents and online editing platforms. It allows you to see:

  • Text Additions: Clearly identifies any new text that has been added.
  • Text Deletions: Marks text that has been removed, ensuring nothing is lost in the editing process.
  • Styling and Formatting Adjustments: Tracks changes in font style, size, color, and other formatting details, providing a comprehensive overview of all alterations. (Soon)

The Track Changes tool ensures transparency and control during the collaborative editing process, making reviewing and finalizing content easier.


  • Enable/disable track changes
  • Show/hide track changes
  • Accept/reject a single change
  • Accept/reject all changes
  • User information on each change
  • Date time & user information on each change


Sure, you can sign up for a FREE 14-day evaluation to check if the plugin meets your needs.

Monthly Active Users refer to the unique number of users that logged in or used your application in 30 days.

Yes, our plugins run on the client side without any server-side communication, making them a perfect match for on-premise applications. Please contact us for the pricing model for on-premise applications.

Yes, our plugins play seamlessly with Angular and React. We provide complete demo code supporting these frameworks.