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Track Changes & Inline Comments for
TinyMCE, Froala & CKEditor 4
You Can’t Afford Not To Be Using.

Enhance your TinyMCE, Froala, and CKEditor 4 with our Track Changes and Inline Comments plugins.

Loopindex Track Changes

Track Changes (FLITE)

Experience unparalleled clarity in document editing with Track Changes, a straightforward yet robust engine designed to track every text modification meticulously. Whether it’s your edits or those made by colleagues, Track Changes ensures that every addition, deletion, and adjustment is captured. This tool enhances collaboration and simplifies the review process, making it easy to manage and approve changes in any document.

Inline Comments (LANCE)

Enhance your document editing with Inline Comments, a feature that allows you to effortlessly add comments and associate them with specific text locations within your editor. This tool makes it straightforward for teams to communicate directly on the text. Inline Comments ensure that every note and suggestion is linked to the relevant content, improving clarity and collaboration in document review and editing.

Track Changes

Edit better, edit faster with Track Changes (FLITE)

Accuracy and integrity are paramount in any document, such as legal documents, policy formulations, and collaborative research projects. It ensures that all participants are accountable for their contributions, reducing errors and miscommunications.

Simplify the editing workflow, particularly in scenarios involving multiple stakeholders or complex documents, to save time and enhance the efficiency of collaborative revisions. This will lead to faster project completion and improved productivity.

Prevent the loss of meaningful content and allow teams to analyze the development of a document’s content. This historical insight is crucial for refining strategies, understanding decision-making processes, and ensuring content integrity across multiple revisions.

Inline Comments

Collaborate better, work faster with Inline Comments (LANCE)

Simplify the editing process by allowing collaborators to pinpoint exactly where changes are suggested, reducing confusion and misunderstandings. It is especially valuable in complex documents or projects where precise communication is critical, ensuring that feedback is clearly understood and appropriately addressed..

Enhance your team’s synergy and accelerates the revision process. It’s particularly beneficial for teams working on tight deadlines or projects requiring rapid turnaround, as it allows for quicker consensus and faster finalization of documents.

Improve document quality and lead to better communication of ideas, more effective presentations of information, and, ultimately, a stronger impact on the intended audience. For businesses, this means enhanced reports, proposals, and publications that accurately reflect collective expertise and due diligence.