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The Comments CKEditor plugin adds a highly desirable functionality to the popular WYSIWYG editor. With this plugin, you can easily add comment text and associate it with specific locations in your editor text area, quite similar to the way this is done in Google Docs and Microsoft Word.
All the information you need is here:

Integrating this plugin into your site was designed to be straightforward and demo code is provided. Additional information and technical details of the plugin integration are available in the documentation page.


Track changes is commonly used to keep track of changes made by yourself or other users with access to edit text. Track Changes can be within a document or based on an online editor. Example of changes you track can include: new text, deleted text as well as various styling and format changes.
Our CKEditor plugin supports the following features:

Comments can be placed anywhere in the text

Comment markers can be freely dragged

Comments are arranged in conversation threads
Comments management operations: reply, edit, delete
Comments include name, avatar and timestamp
Comments can be filtered by id of the commentator